Paul Hamblyn

Managing Director

Paul Hamblyn is Managing Director of EuroSite Power Limited. He is also a Council Member of the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA). Prior to joining EuroSite Power, Paul was Head of Energy Services for Corona Energy, a major B2B gas supplier, where he directed the creation of their energy services offer.

Paul previously held a series of positions with the ENER-G Group including 3 years as the Managing Director of ENER-G Efficiency, a company he took from a simple idea to become a leading provider of energy management solutions based on BEMS technology.

Paul is a CIBSE accredited Low Carbon Consultant and Energy Assessor as well as principal author of the award winning CRC Toolkit developed for the London Energy Project. His career has centred on a range of low carbon technologies including Combined Heat and Power (CHP), renewable generation and Building Energy Management Systems (BEMS). A leading expert on UK carbon regulation Paul is a regular speaker at major conferences including those organised by the Major Energy Users Council, Local Government Association and the Westminster Energy Forum.