• Features and Benefits

  • Create free chilled water while producing hot water
  • Save on electricity, demand charge reduction
  • Ultra-low emissions with near zero criteria pollutants
  • Compact size, fits through a standard doorway

  • Immense carbon savings, reduce your facility’s environmental impact
  • Applications

    Applications - any Building with a simultaneous need for heating and cooling can benefit:

    Because of the higher efficiency of the system, CHP solutions provide considerable energy, environmental and economic benefits.

  • Hotels & Condo/Apartment Complexes (DHW & Cooling)
  • Food & Beverage Processing (Process Hot Water, CIP, & Chilling)
  • Hospitals, Nursing Homes, & Schools (Heating, DHW, & Cooling)
  • Health Clubs/ Spas, JCCs, & YMCAs (Heating, DHW, & Cooling)
  • Free Energy Sources

  • Low Grade Waste Heat 5
  • Existing Chilled Water Loop or Condenser Loop
  • Geothermal/Groundwater
  • Specifications: Ilios HEWH-500-WS