As integrated energy systems are becoming more and more popular it is important to find the right supplier to who knows how to get all the systems to optimally interact with each other. EuroSite Power has a wealth of experience of installing and maintaining integrated energy systems and optimising them for maximum benefit to a range of different organisations in the public and private sectors.

Benefits of a EuroSite Power complete system install:

  • Reduced carbon emissions due to the increase in whole system energy efficiency
  • Increased generation and utilisation of renewable energy
  • Increased reliability of the electrical power system
  • Opportunity to invest in other areas of the business

Example of a complete system installation (University campus) could be:

  • Natural gas fired CHP units simultaneously supplying electricity and heat
  • Gas-fired boilers producing heat to supply the district heating network
  • Absorption chillers producing chilled water by consuming heat from the district heating network
  • Electric chillers producing chilled water by consuming electricity