The technologies at the heart of EuroSite Power’s leading On-Site Utility™ solutions are Combined Heat and Power (CHP), sometimes know as Cogeneration, Gas-engine Driven Chillers and Heat Pumps but because we are not a manufacturer we are free to select the best product for your building although we generally choose systems from one of two technology partners – Tecogen or Tedom.

Tedom ( is a Czech based CHP system manufacturer formed in 1994. They provide units ranging from 7kW to 10,000kW that offer high-quality solutions designed to meet the needs of most applications. With thousands of units installed worldwide and over 20 years of experience Tedom’s technology is ideally suited to EuroSite Power’s On-Site Utility™ approach. In the UK EuroSite Power is making use of Tedom’s Cento and Quanto ranges of CHP units with capacities ranging from 50kW to 4,500kW.

Tecogen ( is a US based manufacturer formed in the early 1960’s as the R&D/New Business Centre of Thermo Electron Corporation. They launched their first 60kWe CHP unit in 1982 followed in 1987 by a 530kW gas engine-driven chiller and the Ilios gas-engine heat pump in 2009. Since that time over 2,000 units had been installed worldwide and the range of CHP, chiller and heat pump products has been expanded. With over 30 years of gas engine experience and know-how the technology at the heart of EuroSite Power’s offer is both proven and reliable. In the UK EuroSite Power is making use of the innovative InVerde Ultera™ 100 low emissions CHP unit but can also provide both air-cooled and water-cooled chillers with capacities ranging from 90kW to 1400kW.