As the manufacturing sector tends to consume higher proportions of energy than more traditional sectors such as hospitality or leisure, and with regulatory bodies seeking to impose carbon taxes and other energy efficiency regulations on the industry, many businesses in the sector need to carefully consider how best to use and, in some cases, generate the energy they need.

Furthermore, the arena of manufacturing faces myriad challenges as a result of BREXIT, inflationary pressures and a constant need to remain competitive in the global market. We believe that managing energy costs and helping the sector to reduce emissions, improve security of supply and upgrade its plant with zero upfront cost will help the sector maintain or improve its competitiveness. It’s on this basis that we wish to recommend our On-Site Utility solution.

EuroSite On-Site Utility Solutions can deliver low carbon electricity, heat, hot water (low, medium or high temperature), steam or chilled water to a project, and remove the need for upfront capital investment; delivering savings from day one. Ultimately, our technology reduces the cost of the CRC Energy Efficiency scheme and replace Climate Change Levy charges.  By combining those factors with our ability to provide Enhanced Capital Allowance and extend existing plant life, or even avoid the need for costly upgrades and replacements, we are confident that we can ensure the perfect service for you.