EuroSite Power’s On-Site Utility™ Solution is ideal for multi-tenant housing properties such as apartment blocks, high rise flats and social housing developments.

Our On-Site Utility™ Solution provides you with a new on-site energy system at no cost, eliminating the need to allocate funds from an already stretched budget.

Despite the fact that you want to save on your energy costs, financing an energy project – even one that would reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions – is a lower priority in the face of the many capital improvement projects requiring funding. With our on-site utility energy solution, Eurosite Power can help – no capital investment and no financing required.

With our On-Site Utility™ Solution you have no responsibility for the energy systems we install, therefore, you won’t need to retain specialized in-house staff to manage them. However, you will benefit from these highly efficient, on-site energy systems with lower energy costs and reduced carbon emissions.

For those properties who have the in-house capability to operate and maintain on-site energy systems themselves, we also offer complete turnkey installation packages.