One of the key priorities for nursing homes, hospitals or health centres should be continuous investment in projects that improve the general quality of care or the operational efficiency of the facility. The crippling rise in energy costs over the past few years has limited the amount of funding available for continuous investment and fuelled a sharp rise in operating costs.

Our On-Site Utility™ Solution that utilises either one or a combination of combined heat and power (CHP), chillers and heat pumps is ideal for healthcare facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes and clinics. With no capital expenditure, you will reduce your energy costs and your carbon footprint simultaneously.

Eurosite Power manage the complete process from installation through to operation and ongoing maintenance. With our On-Site Utility™ Solution you retain no responsibility for the system. We take care of everything, from site evaluation and system design to final inspections, so you can focus on caring for people, rather than being concerned about your energy systems.