EuroSite Power is very much a customer centric organisation. We continually exceed the expectations of our customers because our people have unrivalled knowledge and experience of installing and operating all the equipment we use to deliver our On-Site Utility solution.

We make tangible returns for both our customers and ourselves because we are proven experts at operating mechanical plant of this type. We achieve the optimum economic return throughout the entire lifecycle thus delivering constant energy savings.

Our customers feel valued because all our people are available at all times through project commissioning, installation and for the life of the contract with EuroSite Power.

Established in the UK in 2010 we have continued to grow at an impressive rate with many big name brands and high profile public sector organisations signing up to our offer.

“We liked EuroSite Power’s approach because it required no capital investment and guaranteed us a saving, whatever happens to energy prices in the future”

- Lionel Benjamin, Director of Hotel Topland Group

The EuroSite Power team has over 30 years combined experience in installing, operating and maintaining energy systems with the specific objective of reducing an organisation’s energy and overall operating costs. The team are recognized for their outstanding customer support; safe working practices, excellent technical knowledge and superior attention to detail throughout the project scoping and installation process.

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